2005 Zenda U - Pat & Doug counter heeling
Current News
SYC Facility Upgrade Plans
30 Nov 2022

The last time we provided any sort of official status on this was in late 2020. So it's time for an update.

In summary, that 2020 plan has been abandoned and we're currently working with Parks and Rec on incremental improvements to the existing facilities, e.g. improving the boatyard drainage and surface, fencing in the boatyard, adding a gate at the top of the access road, increasing dock space, and restoring electricity, lighting, and freshwater access to the area. We are making some progress in this regard -- see separate news items. This work is being financed by some generous donations to the Parks For All SYC Fund and Parks and Rec. More details can be found HERE.  

Boatyard Security Fence & Light
29 Nov 2022

Fencing has been installed around the boatyard. It is six feet tall with gates at the north and south ends. A gate has also been installed at the top of the access road leading down into the SYC area but it is only intended to be closed during SYC events. A little over half of the fencing cost is being paid from donations to the Parks For All - SYC Fund while Parks & Rec is covering the rest.  Parks & Rec also improved the boatyard drainage, spread more gravel and had a new pole with lights installed on the west side of the boatyard.

We are currently considering how best to organize parking spots and traffic flow in the boatyard. Parking spots will likely be numbered and assigned to each member. We'll hold a work party sometime soon to bring the club boats back from the south grassy area where they are being temporarilly stored.

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Coming Events
  • 3/1, Boatyard Opens, SYC
  • 5/5, Full Moon Social, 5:30pm-10:00pm, SYC
  • 5/6, Spring Work Party, 11:00am, SYC
  • 6/3, Full Moon Social, 5:30pm-10:00pm, SYC
Mark's Racing Blog
Weather Forecasts
The "accuweather" forecast for Sunday was winds of 5MPH with gusts of 8MPH. I think they misplaced the decimal point. Winds were more like .5 to .8 MPH. On the way out to the start of the first race, Chuck and Mark sailed a complete 360 degree circle while on the same tack. Tony lead off the line in the first race. Going into the windward mark he was on a port tack while Mark was on his stern on a starboard run.

Tony rounded first and then Mark couldn't lay the mark on port tack. Are you getting the drift of today’s races? Tony was the first to find a major hole so Mark won. In the second race, Chuck lead off the starting line an found the hole so Mark won again. Actually, condolences should go to the family of Brian Turnbull as he found a major major hole and was never seen again. Race committee Don Towle says that the wind on the high velocity days seems to be increasing factorily, so we should expect winds of 75 MPH for our next scheduled race. See you there!