Shawnee Yacht Club
BoatShare Program

The SYC BoatShare Program is a great opportunity to participate in sailing without the need to purchase, maintain, and store a boat of your own. The club maintains a fleet of various classes of boats that are available at the BoatShare membership level (see Membership form).

Boats available include:

By participating in the BoatShare program, the member agrees to abide by the following conditions:

  1. The member must pay the required fee for the current calendar year. See the SYC website Membership form for current details.
  2. The member must be checked out by a club sailing instructor as being proficient in the use of the specific boat class. See the Skills Checklist on the SYC website Learn to Sail page.
  3. The boats are available on a first come, first served basis as long as they are not reserved by the club for a special use, e.g. sailing lessons.
  4. The boats must be operated in a safe manner and according to the regulations of the State of Kansas, Shawnee County, and Lake Shawnee.
  5. The member is responsible for the safety and actions of all people they allow on the boat.
  6. After use, boats must be returned to the same boatyard location and left in the same or better condition as they were found. Sails, rudders, etc. must be stored appropriately in the storage shed.
  7. Any damage incurred to a boat and/or related equipment while in use by a member must be reported to a club officer as soon as possible and is the member's responsibility to correct/repair in a timely manner.
  8. Boat use is normally restricted to SYC facilities and Lake Shawnee. With the approval of a club officer and payment of any required extra fee, they may at times be taken to regattas at other area lakes.
  9. A member failing to abide by these conditions may be terminated from the BoatShare program without any refund of the BoatShare membership fee.