Jim Tompkins rounding the mark 2021
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Annual Business Meeting
24 Feb 2023

The SYC Annual Business Meeting was held via Zoom on February 5th, 2030. Here are some highlights:

  • Same board members as last year except Irene is new:
    • Jim Tompkins, Commodore
    • Doug Jensen, Vice-Commodore
    • Mark Marling, Treasurer
    • Irene Haws, Secretary
    • Cheryl Basiotis, Governor at large
    • Eddie Penner, Governor-Legal
    • Mike Gorman, Governor-Grounds
    • Josh Harsch, Governor-Social media
  • Membership fees mostly the same except for new $50 boat storage fee for the season. P+R has approved winter boat storage but the fee has not yet been set.
  • Boatyard has new gravel, fencing and lighting, which led to new boat storage fees.
  • Monthly Full Moon Socials
  • New 4th of July events
  • Club sponsoring Sea Scouts

SYC members click HERE for the full meeting minutes and HERE for the Treasurer's Report.

              SYC Facility Upgrade Plans
              30 Nov 2022

              The last time we provided any sort of official status on this was in late 2020. So it's time for an update.

              In summary, that 2020 plan has been abandoned and we're currently working with Parks and Rec on incremental improvements to the existing facilities, e.g. improving the boatyard drainage and surface, fencing in the boatyard, adding a gate at the top of the access road, increasing dock space, and restoring electricity, lighting, and freshwater access to the area. We are making some progress in this regard -- see separate news items. This work is being financed by some generous donations to the Parks For All SYC Fund and Parks and Rec. More details can be found HERE.  

              Boatyard Security Fence & Light
              29 Nov 2022

              Fencing has been installed around the boatyard. It is six feet tall with gates at the north and south ends. A gate has also been installed at the top of the access road leading down into the SYC area but it is only intended to be closed during SYC events. A little over half of the fencing cost is being paid from donations to the Parks For All - SYC Fund while Parks & Rec is covering the rest.  Parks & Rec also improved the boatyard drainage, spread more gravel and had a new pole with lights installed on the west side of the boatyard.

              We are currently considering how best to organize parking spots and traffic flow in the boatyard. Parking spots will likely be numbered and assigned to each member. We'll hold a work party sometime soon to bring the club boats back from the south grassy area where they are being temporarilly stored.

              Topeka Weather
              63.0°F - Fair and Breezy
              South at 25.3 gusting to 42.6 mph
              Wind Chill
              Coming Events
              • 5/5, Full Moon Social, 5:30pm-10:00pm, SYC
              • 5/6, Spring Work Party, 11:00am, SYC
              • 6/3, Full Moon Social, 5:30pm-10:00pm, SYC
              • 6/4, First Sun Lessons & Group Sailing, 2:30pm-5:30pm, SYC
              Mark's Racing Blog
              Common Situations That Will Happen Many Times Each Race
              I repeat "COMMON SITUATIONS".  "HAPPEN MANY TIMES EACH RACE".  Please let this sink in!

              You are beating up the right side of the lake on port tack.  Tony is beating up the left side of the lake, also on port tack, but he is pointing higher than you.
              a) curse your bad luck
              b) hope the wind will soon change in your favor
              c) hope Tony tips over
              d) tack

              Similar situation but you are pointing higher than Tony.
              a) congratulate yourself on being so smart
              b) hope this lasts
              c) hope Tony doesn't notice
              d) tack

              The answer in the first case is d) tack.  Tony is making out on you to the tune of maybe one boat length in five sailed.  You best cut your loss and go get in Tony's wind.

              The answer in the second case is c) hope Tony doesn't notice.  If he does notice, he will tack and then he will be gaining the one length in five mentioned above.

              You have got to watch the angles you and your competitors are sailing. 
              Somebody is ALWAYS gaining and someone is ALWAYS losing.
              It is a game of distance, not speed.

              Two boats are crossing on opposite tacks.  One of you is going the correct way and the other IS NOT. This is always true.
              Who is going the correct way?
              a) Tony
              b) whoever is pointing closest to the mark.

              In the third case, the boat pointing closest to the mark is 1) closing the distance to the mark for an equivalent time sailed, and 2) is less effected by any change in wind direction.

              Sailing is a geometry game.