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SYC Facility Upgrade Plans
30 Nov 2022

The last time we provided any sort of official status on this was in late 2020. So it's time for an update.

In summary, that 2020 plan has been abandoned and we're currently working with Parks and Rec on incremental improvements to the existing facilities, e.g. improving the boatyard drainage and surface, fencing in the boatyard, adding a gate at the top of the access road, increasing dock space, and restoring electricity, lighting, and freshwater access to the area. We are making some progress in this regard -- see separate news items. This work is being financed by some generous donations to the Parks For All SYC Fund and Parks and Rec. More details can be found HERE.  

Boatyard Security Fence & Light
29 Nov 2022

Fencing has been installed around the boatyard. It is six feet tall with gates at the north and south ends. A gate has also been installed at the top of the access road leading down into the SYC area but it is only intended to be closed during SYC events. A little over half of the fencing cost is being paid from donations to the Parks For All - SYC Fund while Parks & Rec is covering the rest.  Parks & Rec also improved the boatyard drainage, spread more gravel and had a new pole with lights installed on the west side of the boatyard.

We are currently considering how best to organize parking spots and traffic flow in the boatyard. Parking spots will likely be numbered and assigned to each member. We'll hold a work party sometime soon to bring the club boats back from the south grassy area where they are being temporarilly stored.

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Coming Events
  • 3/1, Boatyard Opens, SYC
  • 5/5, Full Moon Social, 5:30pm-10:00pm, SYC
  • 5/6, Spring Work Party, 11:00am, SYC
  • 6/3, Full Moon Social, 5:30pm-10:00pm, SYC
Mark's Racing Blog
Mistakes I've Made This Year (so far)
Going into the top mark at the Nationals this year, positioned in the top 10, I hit the mark (1). Re rounding instead of doing a 360(2) cost me about 20 boat places. I should have continued on, and then done a 360 penalty turn. Probably would have only cost maybe 5 places.

Not recognizing that the boat was slowing down in increasing wind. Because I was still able to hold it down and point high, I thought I was OK (Lottawana and Nationals). Probably cost me 4 to 8 boat lengths per mile. Trying to point high in light winds will also slow you down. The solution is to ease your sheet or traveler and bear off a little. In high wind also move your board back a little. Everything just works better if you have a little speed.

Going down wind and not remembering that the wind seems to travel in lanes. Some lanes are faster than others. If you are not in the fast lane, get there. One recent race (yesterday) I was passed by two boats who were in the fast lane. Then they moved over in front of me! I then moved over into the now vacant fast lane and was able to pass them back. If you can see the puffs, go get in them. Sometimes, even when you can't see the puffs, there is still a fast lane. If you see the other boats going faster, get over there.

OK, this one is a little tougher for me to diagnose. In light air, nearly laying the windward mark, boats are lifting out on your weather quarter. Do you hold on hoping their wind will fade? I usually do. Bad decision. One race at Lottawana cost me seven places, another cost me two places. Several races here at Shawnee this year I've lost places when this happened. The solution is to swallow your pride and cut your losses and go get into the better wind.

Miscellaneous thoughts:
When ever two boats cross upwind, one of them is going the wrong way.
If you don't know which tack is the correct tack, be on the tack pointing you closer to the mark.
The wind is seldom from a uniform direction.
If two boats are 100 yards apart, and the wind shifts 10 degrees, the gain (or loss) is a staggering 25 yards.
Keep checking the angles you are making with the angles of the other boats.
Always consolidate your gains when you can. Or cut your losses (don't hold on to a looser thinking it will come back).
It's a geometry game. (But you got to go fast.)