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Welcome to Shawnee Yacht Club

Since 1941, SYC has promoted sailing on Lake Shawnee for the recreational benefit of the local community. In addition to the opportunity to sail on beautiful Lake Shawnee, the club provides:

  • sailing lessons for those new to the sport,
  • various sizes and classes of sailboats for members to use,
  • a fenced boatyard with a boat ramp where members can keep their boats year-round,
  • several docks (provided by Parks and Rec),
  • a storage shed for equipment,
  • various scheduled club sailing activities, like racing,
  • various scheduled club social gatherings throughout the year

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Current News
Annual Business Meeting
28 Feb 2024

The SYC Annual Business Meeting was held via Zoom on February 25th, 2024. Here are some highlights:

  • Same board members as last year except Rocky is new:
    • Jim Tompkins, Commodore
    • Rocky Bartlow, Vice-Commodore
    • Mark Marling, Treasurer
    • Irene Haws, Secretary
    • Cheryl Basiotis, Governor at large
    • Eddie Penner, Governor-Legal
    • Mike Gorman, Governor-Grounds
    • Josh Harsch, Governor-Social media
  • Membership fees stay the same except for dropping the BoatShare+ category and extra fee.
  • Socials will be on Sundays instead of Fridays or Saturdays.
  • July 4th events and social like last year.
  • Club sponsoring Sea Scouts.
  • Lesson sign-up through Parks & Rec.

SYC members click HERE for the full meeting minutes, HERE for the Treasurer's Report, and HERE for the Boatyard Expense Details.

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              Coming Events
              • 5/5, Spring Work Party, 11:00am, SYC
              • 5/5, Spring Social, 5:30pm-10:00pm, SYC
              • 5/26, Spring Social Alternate?, 5:30pm-10:00pm, SYC
              • 6/2, First Sun Group Sailing, 2:30pm-5:30pm, SYC
              Mark's Racing Blog
              Beautiful Sailing Conditions Today!
              We had beautiful sailing conditions today! Winds out of the (mostly) north at maybe 4 to 12 MPH. Except for the start of the third race. Five boats raced. First race. Tony got off the line well and picked all the right shifts. Leaving me with the not as desirable second choice. Tony lead the whole first lap but on the second upwind he let me get off to the side. Mistake. If boats are 100 yards apart, and the wind shifts 10 degrees, the boat on the shift side will gain a whopping 25 yards! I only needed about 4 boat lengths to be back in the game. In the second race, we were all going up the left side of the lake while the wind was slowly shifting right. As Tony reached the shore he had to tack out against the shift. Next, Doug had to do the same. I, however got really lucky. As I neared the shore, the wind continued to shift lifting me all the way up to the mark on a single tack. For the start of the third race there was zero wind. Race committee Don Towle blew the three minute horn while I was sitting directly behind the committee boat. At the two minute horn, I was still there. At the one minute horn I was still there. We were all on a port reach looking at the black water coming down the lake when the race started. Tony hit the lay line first with me just below him. This put him in a vulnerable position because with a lift he would over stand and with a knock he would have to tack again. There was a lift and I was able to sneak inside of him and round first. Many people think sailing is all luck or man vs. nature or some other esoteric idea. It's a geometry game.
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