Shawnee Yacht Club
Facility Upgrade Plans
August 30, 2022

An update on the plans to upgrade SYC facilities is long overdue. The last plan published on the website in late 2020 was eventually abandonded.

That plan was dependant on development of the new Hanger Family Nature Preserve. As it was originally planned, the Hanger Preserve would have replaced the current SYC boatyard with a wetlands. So the facility development plan at the time called for moving the boatyard to the north, across the ravine, razing the current clubhouse to make room for more boat parking, and constructing a new clubhouse/pavilion further north.

Uncertainty over the Hanger Preserve development continued for a number of years but Parks and Rec finally determined in early 2021 to scale back those plans considerably, dropping the plan for the wetlands. So there is no longer a need to move the boatyard or raze the current clubhouse and build a new structure to replace it.

But Parks and Rec still wanted to proceed with replacing the current clubhouse with the new pavilion and expected SYC to cover half the cost. Initial fundraising by SYC came up quite short for that so we determined that SYC would be better off spending its limited funds (see below) on what we consider to be much higher priorities, such as fencing to secure the boats, a larger storage structure, and restoring electricity, lighting, and water to the area.

A plan to fence in and improve the boatyard and make other improvements is currently being negotiated with Parks and Rec. But, so far, they have been unwilling to support fully restoring SYC facilities to the level of the heydays (see Whatever Happened to Shawnee Yacht Club).

To-date we have received a total of $12,985.00 in donations and $30,500.00 in pledges from the following individuals:

We are so thankfull for the support. Some of those pledges require a facility improvement plan approved by the County Commission or a total of at least $100,000 in private donations and pledges.

Please consider a contribution to help upgrade and maintain SYC facilities. It could be cash or a direct transfer of IRA/RMD funds to take advantage of the tax benefits.

To make a pledge, please complete the Future Gift Pledge form and mail to SYC at the address below.

To contribute to the SYC Fund, make checks payable to "Parks For All Foundation" with "SYC Fund" on the memo/note line, and mail to:

Shawnee Yacht Club, P.O. Box 221, Topeka, KS 66601

We will forward your check on to the Parks For All Foundation and make sure it is deposited in the SYC Fund. Let us know if you want the gift to remain anonymous.

And while it won't help SYC in the short term, leaving a small portion to the club in your estate plan would help ensure the club and Lake Shawnee sailing continue into the future. Setting the beneficiary for an account, or a portion thereof, to "Parks For All Foundation -- SYC Fund," is all it takes.

For more information or if you have questions or comments please email the SYC Facility Upgrade Committee (Mark Marling & Mike Gorman) at .

Please check back here on occasion for the latest news on this issue. You'll find it on the SYC website Members Only menu.