Shawnee Yacht Club
Learn to Sail

"Introduction to Sailing" sessions are held each Wednesday evening at 6:00 p.m. June through August. No reservations are necessary. Just show up at SYC wearing clothes that can get wet. You'll be paired up with an experienced skipper who will explain sailboat parts/terminology and what makes them go, will take you out on the water in a boat and demonstrate, then will then let you try your hand at it. This training may be done in conjunction with our regular Wednesday evening races. If you have a sailboat, we can use it, otherwise we use ours. These are centerboard class boats that do capsize on occasion. Lifejackets are provided but the student should be able to swim. After one or more sessions the student should be able to rig a boat, launch a boat and make their way around the lake on all points of sail in light to moderate wind.

A good learn-to-sail booklet can be found at: