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New Board of Governors & Designees

 The SYC Annual Meeting held November 21, 2021, via ZOOM resulted in elections and appointments as follows:

Commodore: Jim Tompkins
Vice-Commodore: John Maddux
Secretary: Kendall Talley
Treasurer: Mark Marling
At Large: Cheryl Basiotis
Property and Parks & Rec. Liaison: Mike Gorman
Legal Advisor: Eddie Penner
Social: Joshua Harsch
Photography: Joshua Harsch
Videography: John Maddux & Irene Haws
Website: Mike Gorman

Complete minutes to follow.

Wanted: Pontoon Boat Trailer

The old SYC pontoon boat trailer was stolen earlier this year. So we are in need of another one. Please speak up if you are aware of anything that might work. Arrangements are in the works to rent the trailer in the photo so we can get the RC boat out of the water for the winter.

SYC Facility Upgrade Plans

SYC Site Plan

With 2021 being SYC's 80th year, plans are in-the-works for a major upgrade to club facilities to support future generations of local sailing enthusiasts and make room for new developments at Lake Shawnee.


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Mark's Racing Blog
Sailing Instruction for Zach B.
You can learn three important things from a simple "head to wind" at the starting line.  Here is the procedure.
Go head to wind at the starting line with your boom down the center line and your sails flapping.  First, as you coast to a stop, look left and right along your traveler.  One end should be aimed below the committee boat or the buoy.  That is the "favored" end of the line, and it is easy to see by how much.  Now, look straight forward along the center line of your boat.  You should notice two more important things.  One is, which side of the windward mark your boat is pointing to.  Say, for example, that it points to the left of the mark.  This tells you that the left (port) tack is the "long" tack.  Second, you should notice which side of the course has the stronger wind.  This tells you where you need to go for max power.  Now you know all the factors necessary to determine your race strategy.  Which end is favored,  which tack is the most favorable and which side is favored and.  Now all you have to do is make a plan and execute it.