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An Appeal to SYC Alumni

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Those lazy summer days watching the sailing activity from the shade under the old hyperbolic paraboloid shelter?

SYC Facility Upgrade Plans

SYC Site Plan

With 2021 being SYC's 80th year, plans are in-the-works for a major upgrade to club facilities to support future generations of local sailing enthusiasts and make room for new developments at Lake Shawnee.


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Coming Events
  • 9/26, Last Regular Sunday Race, 2:00 pm, SYC
  • 10/3, First Frostbite Race, 2:00 pm, SYC
  • 10/24, Last Frostbite Race, 2:00 pm, SYC
  • 10/29, Last Friday Social, 5:30pm-7:30pm, TBD
  • 10/30, Work Party, 9:00 am, SYC
Mark's Racing Blog
Boy did we have fun Sunday! Well, some of us did. It might have been frustrating for some others. There was a major foul up at the start of the second race. Port end favored. Chuck hit the mark. Chuck hit Tony. I almost hit them both. Looked like it should be a general recall. The starting horn going off. All of us were wondering what was going on, just milling around in a state of confusion. Finally, it started looking like the race was proceeding without us. (The horns were for the next fleet.) "Racing" to catch up with Zach, who lead around the first mark. Down wind Tony and I were able to catch Zach, with Chuck close behind. I would lead. Tony would lead. Zach would lead. An epic battle!. It looked like Tony would round first but I was inside him, with Zach inside me. Chuck was closing up fast. Here Zach made a mistake by not heading up to protect his wind. I passed him to windward and passed him back to Tony who passed
him back to Chuck. End of Zach. End of race.
In the third race, Tony broke free and picked all the shifts correctly. I picked about half of them. Tony lead around the last mark and took the long tack toward the finish. Game over as it was a one leg tack to the finish. I followed dutifully behind. EXCEPT, that right at the finish, the wind shifted strongly to the right lifting me up almost even with Tony. At the finish line, I gambled with a sharp luff and nosed out Tony. This has never worked for me before and may never work again. Tony must be really frustrated about that one.