Winter 04
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An Appeal to SYC Alumni

Do you remember:

Those lazy summer days watching the sailing activity from the shade under the old hyperbolic paraboloid shelter?

SYC Facility Upgrade Plans

SYC Site Plan

With 2021 being SYC's 80th year, plans are in-the-works for a major upgrade to club facilities to support future generations of local sailing enthusiasts and make room for new developments at Lake Shawnee.


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76.0°F - Fair
Southeast at 8.1 mph
Coming Events
  • 9/26, Last Regular Sunday Race, 2:00 pm, SYC
  • 10/3, First Frostbite Race, 2:00 pm, SYC
  • 10/24, Last Frostbite Race, 2:00 pm, SYC
  • 10/29, Last Friday Social, 5:30pm-7:30pm, TBD
  • 10/30, Work Party, 9:00 am, SYC
Mark's Racing Blog
Common Situations That Will Happen Many Times Each Race
I repeat "COMMON SITUATIONS".  "HAPPEN MANY TIMES EACH RACE".  Please let this sink in!

You are beating up the right side of the lake on port tack.  Tony is beating up the left side of the lake, also on port tack, but he is pointing higher than you.
a) curse your bad luck
b) hope the wind will soon change in your favor
c) hope Tony tips over
d) tack

Similar situation but you are pointing higher than Tony.
a) congratulate yourself on being so smart
b) hope this lasts
c) hope Tony doesn't notice
d) tack

The answer in the first case is d) tack.  Tony is making out on you to the tune of maybe one boat length in five sailed.  You best cut your loss and go get in Tony's wind.

The answer in the second case is c) hope Tony doesn't notice.  If he does notice, he will tack and then he will be gaining the one length in five mentioned above.

You have got to watch the angles you and your competitors are sailing. 
Somebody is ALWAYS gaining and someone is ALWAYS losing.
It is a game of distance, not speed.

Two boats are crossing on opposite tacks.  One of you is going the correct way and the other IS NOT. This is always true.
Who is going the correct way?
a) Tony
b) whoever is pointing closest to the mark.

In the third case, the boat pointing closest to the mark is 1) closing the distance to the mark for an equivalent time sailed, and 2) is less effected by any change in wind direction.

Sailing is a geometry game.