Shawnee Yacht Club
2001 Race Results

Sunday Series

7/15 Race 1: 1-Rooney, 2-Schwartz, 3-Raine
Race 2: 1-Rooney, 2-Schwartz, 3-Raine
Race 3: 1-Schwartz, 2-Rooney, 3-Raine
8/12 Race 1: 1-Rooney, 2-Schwartz, 3-Gorman, 4-Raine
Race 2: 1-Rooney, 2-Schwartz, 3-Raine, 4-Gorman
9/9 Race 1: 1-Schwartz, 2-Gorman, 3-Raine
Race 2: 1-Schwartz, 2-Gorman, 3-Raine
Race 3: 1-Schwartz, 2-Gorman, 3-Raine

Wednesday Series

6/20 1-Rooney, 2-Gorman, 3-Raine, 4-Schwartz
7/11 1-Schwartz, 2-Rooney, 3-Gorman, 4-Raine
7/25 1-Gorman, 2-Rooney, 3-Schwartz
The unbearably hot weather this summer, along with the limited number of boats rigged and ready to sail, really took a toll on our racing schedule. Of course, the above "series" results don't include the C Regatta and Bell Cup.